Full day courses are held at different venues around the country or Furzie will travel to you!

You can make any animal you wish, on a wire armature, around 6" in height

It is a wonderful craft and great fun - suitable for beginners or those with some experience

Please scroll down for individual venues


The Barn Emporium

Petersfield, West Sussex

Wed 15th June; Sat 25th June; Thu 14th July; Wed 24th Aug; Thu 29th Sept; Thu 10th Nov

Crewkerne Museum


Dates TBA

Wells Museum


Dates TBA

Milking Parlour


Fri 29 April; Thu 5 May; Fri 17 Jun; Sat 6 Aug; Fri 23 Sep; Fri 21 Oct; Thu 24 Nov

Broadway Tower

Broadway, Worcestershire

Tue 10 May; Mon 13 Jun; Mon 26 Sep; Tue 18 Oct; Tue 15 Nov

Blandford Forum Fashion Museum

Blandford Forum

Dates TBA

Pirzwell Workshop

Kentisbeare, Cullompton

Thu 12 May; Mon 27 June; Wed 20 July; Wed 17 Aug; Wed 14 Sep; Wed 5 Oct; Tue 8 Nov

Wadswick Country Store


Mon 9 May; Tue 7 Jun; Tue 12 Jul; Mon 5 Sep; Mon 3 Oct; Mon 21 Nov

Waterways Museum


Tue 3 May; Sat 11 Jun; Sat 16 Jul; Tue 30 Aug; Sat 10 Sep; Sat 1 Oct; Sat 12 Nov; Sat 3 Dec

Forge Mill Needle Museum


Tue 17 May; Mon 20 June; Mon 18 Jul; Mon 22 Aug; Wed 21 Sep; Tue 25 Oct; Fri 18 Nov

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